This 术语 涵盖 a broad 范围(排列) of 樂/乐 创作 through the 用 of one or more 算機/计算机

The 算機/计算机 may 作品 as 助理 作曲家 as in 算法 樂/乐

Alternatively the 算機/计算机 can be used as an 乐器 that is the 算機/计算机 is the place where the 声 are to be 生成 for 例如 声波 合成

The 算機/计算机 is sometimes brought on stage to 创作 and 操控 声 made during 表演

Finally the 算機/计算机 may 分析 incoming 表演 信息 and ‘reply’ in what is known as 交互 作曲

The former two 可能性 sometimes necessitate a good deal of compilation 时间 the latter two belong to the 类别 of real 时间 More recently 樂/乐 制作 has witnessed the extensive 用 of 网络 算機/计算机 [Landy 1994 127–128 EARS] The International 算機/计算机 樂/乐 Association’s Annual conference ICMC extends this 定义 to include things 范围(排列) from computer-aided 认知 分析 信息 retrieval and much more thus going well beyond the act of 樂/乐 制作 Much 算機/计算机 樂/乐 therefore has little to do with 声底 樂/乐