樂/乐 is made of 声 and we can 用 any 声 to make 樂/乐

A 樂/乐 of Sounds?

It may at first seem rather silly to think about 樂/乐 in 术语 of 声 Often 樂/乐 is conceived of in 术语 of 音符 tempos tempi and 节奏 However 不 all 声 can be thought of in this way

音符 vs Sounds

樂/乐 is made of 声 But while 标准 樂/乐 术语 and 记谱法 are able to 描述 some 声

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These 声 are all easily 描述 by the 樂/乐 乐谱 They have a 清楚 定义 音高 响度 and 时值

They are 不 able to 描述 every 声波

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These 声 can 不 be easily 描述 by 标准 樂/乐 记谱法 They are more 复杂 with interesting 质地(纹理、织体) and 属性

樂/乐 音符 are a very 纯 种类 of 声波 with a 清楚 定义 音高 and 时值

声 are 不 always so 纯 and simple in-fact this is one of the things that makes 聆 to 声 so interesting!

不 Merely Notes

As the Japanese 作曲家 Toru Takemitsu wrote

“Music is 不 merely 音符 on paper It begins with an active 聆 to 声波 ”