This 词 was first used by 古 Greeks and 描述 an audio-only 展示 of 声 自由 from the distraction of association with the 声 声波 源 When we 听 to 樂/乐 on the 无线电 or through an mp3 player we are 聆 in an 聞/幻听 way

The 术语 聞/幻听 is said to come from the 古 Greek philosopher Pythagoras who according to tale offered lectures to his followers from behind a curtain Pythagoras claimed that his followers would 听 more closely to the 声 of his voice if they could 不 see him see also 高度 聆 The followers were unable to see that which they 听 and were left imagining the unseen 视觉 元素 of what they were 听觉 聞/幻听 樂/乐 presents 声 without any 视觉 accompanyment so as to encourage 高度 聆 and to focus attention upon the 品质 of the 虛/抽象 声 themselves