Find out about the 特征 and 樂/乐 参数 of 声 学习 how to 区分 between different 声 and to identify the 特征 that we 听 out for in 樂/乐

学习 about how some 声 are 高 and others 低

学习 about 响度 How some 声 can appear 更响 than others

And how it can be all a trick of the mind!

Some 声 are so short that we cannot 听 them as individual 声 Equally some 声 are so long that they began before we arrived and will continue after we leave

声波 种类 / 声波 Source
You will begin to think about grouping 声 底/基于 on their common 属性 or common 源

Some 声 we can 识别 others we can't What does this 中项 for 樂/乐 that is made with sounds?

音色 / 声波 Quality
How can you 描述 the 质地(纹理、织体) of sounds?

The 空间 property of being crowded together