A central 概念 of the 音乐 family of programs is division of 合成 tasks into two components the 乐队 and the 乐谱 The 'orchestra' is constructed from statements which 定义 a network of 单元 发生器 and processors 通常 representing 识别 工作室 设备 such as 震荡器 滤波器 envelope-shapers and 混响 units In due course a 数 of more specialist 单元 发生器 were 加 to programs such as Csound as a 直达 result of 研究 into new 算法 for the 合成 of 声音 Since these 设备 are 软件 simulations the only 限制 on the 数 of 单元 生成器 定义 is the 最大 workspace available in 内存(记忆) The 'score' as its title suggests provides 表演 数据 for the 乐队 Suitable sequences of 控制 信息 must be provided for each 单元 生成器 包括 细节 of starting times and durations for each set of 价值 as well as the 价值 themselves 源 - Peter Manning 1993 电子 and 计算机 音乐 Second Edition 牛津 University Press