▲Unwanted 声波 The 牛津 English 字典 包含 参考 to 噪 as 讨厌 声波 dating back as far as 1125
▲Any 响 声波 In 一般 用途 today 噪 often 提及 to 尤其 响 声 In his 调音系统 of the World Murray Schaefer speaks of 讨厌 声 and any 响 声 as 噪 污染 that is 不利 to an acoustic 生态学
Although 噪 is a 主观 术语 in a 特定 社会 there will be more agreement than disagreement as to which 声 constitute 讨厌 干扰
声景观(声景) 研究 has been 基(础) in 术语 of the promotion of 抗噪 污染 立法
源 R Murray Schafer 1977 The 调音系统 of the World New York Knopf