Simply stated 混 is the 艺术 of 平衡 and nuancing the 相对 级 of 多 為耳/音频 轨道 or 通道 to some aesthetically desirable result In much 電聲學/电声学 作曲 the 术语 departs in its 重要(意义) from the 感觉 with which it is used in 声波 錄/录 vocabulary That is to say it is often hard or even 不可能 to separate 混 from other 方面 of the 创造力 过程 in a 离散 fashion The 术语 is often used in a 感觉 that 包括 the 整体 assembling timing counter-pointing and 清晰度/演奏法 of 声波 材料 which evidently contribute significantly to determining the 樂/乐 argument An 比喻 may be made with the difficulty in much instrumental 作曲 of 清楚 distinguishing between 决定 concerned with the 'composition' of the 材料 and those concerned with the 'orchestration' of the 材料