Acoustic 通讯 a 术语 proposed by Barry Truax is an 多学科 concerned with 声波 and 人类 经验 of it which strives to transcend 问题 of 概念 and 术语 联合 with approaching 研究 from within the 'agenda' of more 清楚 定义 contributory 学科 such as 'music' Acoustic 通讯 包括 closely 相关 areas of 研究 such as Acoustic 设计 声景观(声景) 设计 and 声景观(声景) 研究 Whereas in many considerations of 声音 and 樂/乐 经验 the orthodoxy will privilege the 学科 of 声学 as a 源 of 概念 and models Acoustic 通讯 privileges the 概念 of 声波 as 信息