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Lesson 3

We see that an 乐队 生成 very significant amounts of 能量 in the low- 频率 范围(排列) and that the 品质 of the 樂/乐 suffers markedly if the full low-frequency 范围(排列) is 受限

收缩 the 带/乐队 even further from 300 赫兹(he zi) on the low-frequency end to 3000 赫兹(he zi) on the 高频 end a telephone-like 品质 results

Even though the voice 品质 has greatly changed it is interesting to 音符 that the voices are 可识别 and the 词 are quite understandable

A small 无线电 receiver tuned to an 调幅 站 might 通过 something like a 带/乐队 from 300 赫兹(he zi) to 5000 赫兹(he zi)