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Lesson 1

频谱 the 分布 of the 声波 能量 throughout the 可听 频率 范围(排列)

频率 The 数 of 周期 每(一个) second = the 数 of Hz(he zi)/赫兹
k = kilo = 1000
1 kHz = 1000 赫兹(he zi)
10 kHz = 10 000 赫兹(he zi)
20 kHz = 20 000 赫兹(he zi)

The 频率 范围(排列) of 可听 声波 is commonly taken as 20 赫兹(he zi) to 20 000 赫兹(he zi)

To 避免 问题 commonly 联合 with the extremes of the 可听 带/乐队 we will keep within a 100-Hz 限制 at the 低 end and 10 000-Hz 限制 on the 高 end

倍频程(八度) If one 音 has twice or half the 数 of 共鸣 每(一个) second as another 音 the two 音 are one 倍频程(八度) apart

纯 音 = single 频率

噪 频带 are useful in 声学 measure- ments in rooms because their constantly 移位/偏移 本质(自然) strange as it seems gives 稳定 readings than 纯 音 纯 音 on the other hand are commonly used in equip