1 How would you 描述 the 种类 of 音乐 that you make?

2 If you had to 使用 the 风格 类别(流派) to 描述 your 音乐 which would it be?

3 What 种类 of 声音 do you like to 使用 when you compose?

4 What makes these 声音 your favourite?

5 Are there any 声音 manipulations that you frequently use?

6 What makes these manipulations your favourite?

7 How do you go about starting or coming up with an idea for a composition? Do you personally 使用 a 类似 approach each time? Or is it always different?

8 Which 作曲者 /musicians are an inspiration to you?

9 What is it about this 音乐 that engages you so much?

10 Could you pick a short section from one of your own 作品 and 描述 how you 创作 it?

11 What were you trying to convey to the 听众 in this excerpt?

12 If you were giving some 一般 advice to someone who was beginning to 作曲 a 作品 what would it be? What is the most 重要 thing to remember when composing?