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The 回声 is no longer 清晰(独特) because of the amazing 整合 效果(效应) of our 听觉 系统 This is called the 哈斯 效果(效应) by 為耳/音频 engineers and the 优先 效果(效应) by psychologists

In a modest-sized 空间 like your living 间 a classroom a 工作室 or a 控制 间 if someone speaks to you from across the 间 you have no difficulty sensing the 方向 of the voice even if you are blindfolded That is because the 直 声波 which arrives first gives the 指向 cue even though followed by an avalanche of 反射 声 The first 声波 to arrive tells us from which 方向 it comes This is the 定理 of the First 波前 And it all happens in a fraction of a thousandth of a second

while 离散 回声 of 语 become 可辨别 with a 延迟 of around 40 毫秒 回声 of single short-duration 脉冲 声 will be 可听 with 延迟 as short as four 毫秒

延(续) or slowly 变化 声 on the other hand may 需要 a 延迟 of as much as 80 毫秒 before 离散 回声 are noticeable

A famous 樂者/乐者 once said There is no such thing as good 樂/乐 outdoors He had in mind the 反射 from the walls and other 表面 of the concert hall which become very much a part of the 樂/乐 The lack of such 反射 能量 outdoors in his opinion degraded the 品质 of the 樂/乐