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Lesson 7

混响 may be either friend or enemy it can improve our program 材料 or 降级 it Because we 通常 are 不 意识 of 混响 as a separate entity it is well that we pause to dissect and 定义 it

If 混响 is almost totally eliminated the same 语 is understandable but it 声 rather 干 and uninteresting

Too little 混响 is as 不爽 and 不自然 as too much

混响 is a 直 result of the relatively slow 速度 at which 声波 is propagated

Some 声波 能量 is lost at each 反射 and it might take 几个 seconds for successive bounces to 降低 the 级 of the 声波 to 听不得 In other 词 in a confined 空间 it takes a little 时间 for the 声波 to die away

混响 时间 is roughly the 时间 it takes a very 响 声波 to die away until it cannot be 听 anymore To be more precise and 科学 about it 混响 时间 is 定义 as that 时间 it takes a 声波 突然 cut off to 衰(减) 60 dB

If an 乐队 were to play outdoors its 声波 would tend to be 薄 and 干 The same 乐队 playing in a hall having a 混响 时间 of about one second 声 自然 and pleasing

The 品质 of 语 is also greatly 影响 by the amount of 混响 present

The 理解 and 自然 of 语 is actually better at shorter 混响 times

Anything that 干涉 with these 低级 辅音 reduces the 理解力 of the 词 混响 is one thing but not
the only thing that can seriously 损 the 理解 of 语 by 盖 up these 低级 辅音

The slow 尾 off of the 声波 of the first part of each 词 干涉 with our 听觉 the 辅音 at the end of each 词 and the 识别 of each 词 depends upon 辨认 this 辅音

混响 is very much a part of our enjoyment of 樂/乐 and our 理解 of 语 It affects the 品质 of both 语 and 樂/乐 but it is very 重要 to have the right amount